Real experience on craftsmanship and history of brewery

You are welcome to join our brewery tour. It takes about 30 minutes. Please make a reservation in advance. We hope you enjoy the experience of Sake culture, craftsmanship, and our spirit.

(Sometimes we can do a tour without reservation. Please ask to our staffs.)
(We might not able to meet your request during busy season from November to March.)

👉Until Hananoi is made (Production process of sake)

Guide Staff


Knowledge ★★★★★
Talk Skill ★★★★
Guide Frequency ★
Most knowledgeable of all staffs.
Although he cannot drink alcohol at all, he loves “Hananoi“ and keep talking about it if you do not stop him.


Okami (mother of 3 children, paper work, reception, sales, and anything else)
Knowledge ★★★★
Talk Skill ★★★
Guide Frequency ★★
Wife of the president. Have less knowledge than president but even enough for your satisfaction.


Tsukamoto (manufacturing, delivery, reception)
Knowledge ★★★
Talk Skill ★★
Guide Frequency ★★★
Have 4 years experience of manufacturing. Comparing with president, the amount of knowledge is still few, but have a great energy of youth.
Basically working for manufacturing.


Shimoda (paper work, reception, PR)
Knowledge ★★★
Talk Skill ★★★★
Guide Frequency ★★★★★
Entered our company recently. A hard worker and an early learner of knowledge.
Her way of talking is a little unique and sometimes hard to listen to but you can forgive everything with her smile and friendliness.


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