Real experience on craftsmanship and history of brewery

You are welcome to join our brewery tour. It takes about 30 minutes. Please make a reservation in advance. We hope you enjoy the experience of Sake culture, craftsmanship, and our spirit.

(Sometimes we can do a tour without reservation. Please ask to our staffs.)
(We might not able to meet your request during busy season from November to March.)

👉Until Hana no i is made (Production process of sake)

Guide Staff


Knowledge ★★★★★
Talk Skill ★★★★
Guide Frequency ★
Most knowledgeable of all staffs.
Although he cannot drink alcohol at all, he loves “Hana no i“ and keep talking about it if you do not stop him.


Okami (mother of 3 children, paper work, reception, sales, and anything else)
Knowledge ★★★★
Talk Skill ★★★
Guide Frequency ★★
Wife of the president. Have less knowledge than president but even enough for your satisfaction.


Tsukamoto (manufacturing, delivery, reception)
Knowledge ★★★
Talk Skill ★★
Guide Frequency ★★★
Have 4 years experience of manufacturing. Comparing with president, the amount of knowledge is still few, but have a great energy of youth.
Basically working for manufacturing.


Shimoda (paper work, reception, PR)
Knowledge ★★★
Talk Skill ★★★★
Guide Frequency ★★★★★
Entered our company recently. A hard worker and an early learner of knowledge.
Her way of talking is a little unique and sometimes hard to listen to but you can forgive everything with her smile and friendliness.


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